YetiSmartBench - Where can CNC take you?

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YetiSmartBench - Where can CNC take you?

Learn about our one stop shop to start producing with CNC

What can CNC do for me?

CNC’s are incredibly versatile and allow you to process a variety of different types of product and materials all for $8,000 - $9,000.

Whether it’s by saving you time and money through automating a manual procedure or just increasing the products or services your company can offer - SmartBench will work hard for you.

  • Signage & Wall Art
  • Custom Furniture
  • Plaques
  • Molds
  • Toys
  • Lithophanes
  • Clocks & Picture Frames
  • Mantels & Archways
  • Prototypes

What we offer

In our 'Before you buy' video, we cover everything you need to consider before getting started with SmartBench.

From features and capabilities to extraction/power requirements, discover how SmartBench will fit within your business.

We offer all you require on our website, saving you time hunting for accessories.

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Yeti Tool CNC Academy

Our vast collection of articles and videos at your fingertips will help you get started with SmartBench - from CAD/CAM design to maintenance procedures.

Your First Project

Design and cut your first job alongside a real-time project video.

This tutorial will walk you through how to create, setup, and complete a simple project using SmartBench. Quickly gain the skills you need to graduate on to bigger and more complex projects!

Case study

See SmartBench create a second business for Contrast Design Ltd.

"As it turns out we actually used the Yeti SmartBench to produce nearly 100 units in-house ourselves. So the actual SmartBench paid for itself off of the first project we've done. And what's amazing about that, is we've actually managed to build an entirely new spin-off business off the back of the Yeti SmartBench."

Downloadable projects

Are you struggling to find the time to design or want some inspiration?

Then take advantage of our preferred CAD/CAM package providers. Use their community projects portal to access a wide variety of existing projects. Handily, they can be adjusted to suit your needs.

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What next?

Happy you have all the information you require?

Take the plunge and either buy from our store or book an online/physical demonstration with us or one of our global.

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